RYAN COOPER - UK-Based Non-Union Voice Actor

...in "MADiSON" as John Maxwell, Priest Thomas

"The voice acting is some of the best in the RTS genre and makes you engage in the story and the game." -Core Gamerz Inc

...in "Rune" as Narrator

...in "The Soulkeeper VR" as Dokastos, Grave Digger

"Now, there are cutscenes that introduce your character, as

well as some exceptional art and voice acting." -Esports Edition

...in "Witanlore: Dreamtime" as Uncle Kit'ke

...in "No Trace" as Narrator

"Enter Ryan Cooper, who did an equally impeccable job on giving voice to Brad Buckmaster’s writing." -Jack Monahan, Stellar Jockeys

"The player-character is well developed, in part

thanks to some fantastic voice acting." -Game Rant

"One thing that caught me off guard was just how fantastic and interesting the voice acting is." -Destructoid

"The lone voice actor does fine work, carrying the game emotionally

and convincingly detached from reality." -Adventure Gamers

"Narration comes courtesy of Ryan Cooper, who brings just the right amount of Sean Bean to the role of Dagoth Endus." -Polygon

...A playlist of my miscellaneous roles and additional voices

Testimonials & Interviews
"I wrote the lines, but he gave them heart and soul. Ryan is such an amazing artist to work with that I find it hard to imagine a project that he wouldn’t be involved with in some fashion."   -Christopher Bischoff, The Brotherhood

Interviews: Later Levels   Bit Cultures "I have never heard a videogame character sound so vulnerable and human ... A great deal of the game's intensity is a result of Ryan Cooper's performance." -Grimbeard Diaries "Cooper does such a good job." -Later Levels "Props to John's voice actor, who emits many, many convincingly tortured noises." -Forbes "John's rage and horror are communicated superbly by the well-motivated voice actor." -PC Games (Germany) "The voice acting is strong, and John is a convincing protagonist." -The Mental Attic
"Cooper has an incredible talent and is malleable to any need. His work on The Old City: Leviathan
surprised us with just how well he understands what is needed while also elevating the work with his own creative license. He is a fantastic actor and we look forward to working with him again in the future."

-Blaine Bowen, Design Lead,
Postmod Softworks

Postmod Softworks
"I found the voice actor to be rather excellent." -Angry Centaur Gaming "Quality voice acting and a haunting soundtrack." -Game Ramble "The sound and voice acting are phenomenal." -Metal Arcade "Combines beautiful graphics and great voice over work into a readily playable title." -The Refined Geek "Cooper produces some of the best voice acting I have ever heard." -Lair of the Wolf Dragon
SKYWIND: "The trailer is narrated by a man whose vocal chords I would very much like to steal." -PC Gamer "Taking us on an ominously (and professionally) narrated tour of House Dagoth’s volcano-side properties, it’s a testament to what a small team can achieve with the right tools, enough time and a lot of dedication." -Rock, Paper, Shotgun BRIGADOR: "The big surprise came in the form of Brad Buckmaster's Brigador novel and subsequent audiobook, narrated wonderfully by Ryan Cooper." -Permanent Beta

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