RYAN COOPER - UK-Based Non-Union Voice Actor

...in "Rune" as Narrator

"Storytelling is done with elaborate images that portray great emotion, along with intense voice acting." -Gaming Lyfe

...in "The Soulkeeper VR" as Dokastos, Grave Digger

"Now, there are cutscenes that introduce your character, as

well as some exceptional art and voice acting." -Esports Edition

...in "Witanlore: Dreamtime" as Uncle Kit'ke

...in "No Trace" as Narrator

"Enter Ryan Cooper, who did an equally impeccable job on giving voice to Brad Buckmaster’s writing." -Jack Monahan, Stellar Jockeys

"The player-character is well developed, in part

thanks to some fantastic voice acting." -Game Rant

"One thing that caught me off guard was just how fantastic and interesting the voice acting is." -Destructoid

"The lone voice actor does fine work, carrying the game emotionally

and convincingly detached from reality." -Adventure Gamers

...in various "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" mods

...A playlist of my miscellaneous roles and additional voices

Testimonials & Interviews
"I wrote the lines, but he gave them heart and soul. Ryan is such an amazing artist to work with that I find it hard to imagine a project that he wouldn’t be involved with in some fashion."   -Christopher Bischoff, The Brotherhood

Interviews: Later Levels   Bit Cultures "I have never heard a videogame character sound so vulnerable and human ... A great deal of the game's intensity is a result of Ryan Cooper's performance." -Grimbeard Diaries "Cooper does such a good job." -Later Levels "Props to John's voice actor, who emits many, many convincingly tortured noises." -Forbes "John's rage and horror are communicated superbly by the well-motivated voice actor." -PC Games (Germany) "The voice acting is strong, and John is a convincing protagonist." -The Mental Attic
"Cooper has an incredible talent and is malleable to any need. His work on The Old City: Leviathan
surprised us with just how well he understands what is needed while also elevating the work with his own creative license. He is a fantastic actor and we look forward to working with him again in the future."

-Blaine Bowen, Design Lead,
Postmod Softworks

Postmod Softworks
"I found the voice actor to be rather excellent." -Angry Centaur Gaming "Quality voice acting and a haunting soundtrack." -Game Ramble "The sound and voice acting are phenomenal." -Metal Arcade "Combines beautiful graphics and great voice over work into a readily playable title." -The Refined Geek "Cooper produces some of the best voice acting I have ever heard." -Lair of the Wolf Dragon

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