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The Soulkeeper VR hits Early Access
August 15th 2017
ROLES: Dokastos, Grave Digger
LINK: Steam Early Access

"Experience the immersive world of Gerindak, as you play through the intertwining stories of various characters. Start off as Isoropos, a warrior monk of the the Lavordians, an ancient monastic order, as you embark on a dangerous quest to investigate rumors surrounding their most hated rivals. Engage in combat wielding your sword, casting ferocious spells, utilizing your staff, or shooting arrows, all the while treading on a treacherous path brimming with daunting enemies, towering beasts and deadly traps."
Leave No Trace in upcoming isometric assassination title
June 3rd 2017
ROLE: Narrator

The apocalypse will be funded: Beautiful Desolation's Kickstarter joy February 18th 2017 - SA Gamer - Later Levels - Adventure Gamers - Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Gamezone
ROLE: Dr. Mark Leslie
LINKS: Kickstarter, Website

Witanlore: Dreamtime roars into Early Access
January 24th 2017
ROLE: Kit'ke
LINK: Steam Early Access

Check out my work so far for The Elder Scrolls Renewal: Skywind
December 7th 2016 - PC Gamer - Rock, Paper, Shotgun
ROLES: Various Characters
LINK: Website

Encounter Saymund in new Ghost Song gameplay presentation
March 27th 2016 - Destructoid
ROLES: Saymund, Adam
LINKS: Website, Youtube

"One thing that caught me off guard was just how fantastic and interesting the voice acting is." -Destructoid
Roles in Released Titles

"Now, there are cutscenes that introduce your character, as well as some exceptional art and voice acting." -Esports Edition

"Enter Ryan Cooper, who did an equally impeccable job on giving voice to Brad Buckmaster’s writing." -Jack Monahan, Stellar Jockeys

"Even though it’s only going to last you two or three hours, the voice acting alone is well worth the time." -Brash Games

"The player-character is well developed, in part thanks to some fantastic voice acting." -Game Rant

"The lone voice actor does fine work, carrying the game emotionally and sounding convincingly detached from reality." -Adventure Gamers

Other Roles:

A playlist of my miscellaneous roles and additional voices.

Testimonials & Interviews

"The voice acting is beyond impressive." -Brash Games "The voice acting was perfectly on point too, they really helped to bring the game to life." -Gaming on Linux "The characters have shown to be very quirky with the help of great voice acting." -Invision Community "The voice acting allows for characters to show a multitude of emotions." -Only SP "The sound design and voice acting are top notch." -Gaming Respawn

"He hit the nail on the head with the character [John Maracheck]. I wrote the lines, but he gave them heart and soul. Ryan is such an amazing artist to work with that I find it hard to imagine a project that he wouldn’t be involved with in some fashion." -Christopher Bischoff, The Brotherhood

"The voice acting remains top-notch throughout." -Flickering Myth "I have never heard a videogame character sound so vulnerable and human ... The game is, conceptually, very intense, and a great deal of that intensity is a result of Ryan Cooper's performance." -Grimbeard Diaries "John's rage, his naked horror is communicated superbly by the well-motivated voice actor." -PC Games (Germany) "Maybe the best voice acting I have ever had the pleasure to experience." -Just Adventure "Especially heart-breaking are the strangled cries as John comes across one horrific sight after another." -1001 UP "The voice acting is strong and John is a convincing protagonist." -The Mental Attic

November 2015:
Interview with 1001up.com October 2015: Interview with Bitcultures.com

"Cooper has an incredible talent and is malleable to any need. His work on
The Old City: Leviathan surprised us with just how well he understands what is needed while also elevating the work with his own creative license. He is a fantastic actor and we look forward to working with him again in the future." -Blaine Bowen, Design Lead, Postmod Softworks

"Quality voice acting and a haunting soundtrack that matches the melancholic atmosphere of the game." -Game Ramble "Great atmospheric music and voice acting." -Softpedia "Ryan Cooper produces some of the best voice acting I have ever heard."  -Lair of the Wolf Dragon "As more and more was uncovered, the game's narrative began to take hold. For that, I think the voice is excellent." -Angry Centaur Gaming "Leviathan is another title in the growing walking simulator genre that combines beautiful graphics and great voice over work into a readily playable title." -The Refined Geek "It’s profound without becoming pretentious – helped a great deal by solid writing and voice work." -My Student Style

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