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February 23rd 2017: Developers Ironward have unveiled SOLSTICE CHRONICLES: M.I.A, with a new trailer and FIG campaign seeking to raise $30,000 for development costs.

 Chronicles is a tactical twin-stick shooter in the vein of its predecessor, The Red Solstice, featuring an 18-mission story campaign, survival mode, and more.

 Set in the year 2280 AE (After Earth), the player is caught behind enemy lines in the midst of an infected colony on Mars, and designated Missing in Action. I will be starring as the Corporation Marine trying to escape, working with an unusual Insurgent AI drone (Fran McClellan) whose special abilities will aid the player and significantly impact the game’s difficulty.

February 18th 2017: The Kickstarter campaign for BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION has concluded, with over 4,000 backers raising $138,457 of the $120,000 target. The sophomore title by South African studio THE BROTHERHOOD is an open-world point-and-click puzzle game set in post-apocalyptic Africa, slated for a 2019 release.

 Continuing the theme of family from The Brotherhood's previous work, the story will centre on the estranged relationship between two brothers. I will be playing the role of Dr. Mark Leslie, a mullet-toting "problem solver" whose fate seems bound to a mysterious airborne monolith known only as "The Penrose", in a journey that spans millennia while retaining a distinct 1980's aesthetic.

January 24th 2017: Developers THE BROTHERHOOD have released CAYNE, a DLC chapter to their successful début release, STASIS (Winner of Best Adventure Game 2015), on the STEAM and GOG platforms for free. Cayne stars Sarah Anne Williams as Hadley, a pregnant woman who awakens within a mysterious, deadly facility. And they want her baby... I play two roles: an older gentleman who assists Hadley in her attempt to escape the horrors of the facility, and Danie Boland, a far less charitable soul. Oh, and did I mention it's free?


Media Testimonials- "Even though it’s only going to last you two or three hours, the voice acting alone is well worth the time." -Brash Games "The sound design and voice acting are top notch." -Gaming Respawn "The characters have shown to be very quirky with the help of great voice acting." -Invision Community


January 24th 2017: DRUID GAMEWORKS have released their début game, Witanlore: Dreamtime, on STEAM EARLY ACCESS, where it will remain for approximately 6-8 months. This means the developers will use funds raised in that time to perfect the game prior to its full release. Witanlore is an adventure RPG set in the fantasy world of Arthanswold, featuring an anthropomorphic bear race called the Ursine (refer to the cinematic prologue in the playlist below for more story details). I play the role of Kit'ke, a veteran Ursa warrior who is uncle, mentor and trainer to the player-character.


March 27th 2016: Old Moon games have released a new demonstration video for the upcoming adventure-platformer game GHOST SONG, featuring some of my work as the conflicted and mysterious figure called Saymund. Check out Old Moon's YouTube page for more work-in-progress videos. Ghost Song is being developed by the talented Matt White and will be published by Adult Swim games. The game's release is TBD.


Media Testimonials- "One thing that caught me off guard was just how fantastic and interesting the voice acting is." -Destructoid

August 31st 2015: The horror-puzzle point-and-click game Stasis by first-time developers THE BROTHERHOOD has been released on GOG and STEAM, to critical acclaim. I portray the player-character John Maracheck, who awakens on board a deep space vessel 2.7 billion miles from home, in desperate search of his family, as a nightmarish tale of death and rogue eugenics unfolds around him.


Media Testimonials- "The player-character is well-developed, in part thanks to some fantastic voice acting." -Game Rant "The story is engaging, and the voice acting remains top-notch throughout." -Flickering Myth "This may be the best voice acting I have ever had the pleasure to experience." -Just Adventure "John's rage, his naked horror is communicated excellently by the well-motivated voice actor, and helps the player find their way in the nightmare." -PC Games (Germany)


December 3rd 2014: Developers POSTMOD SOFTWORKS have released The Old City: Leviathan on STEAM. The game eschews traditional combat and puzzle-based game mechanics in favour of narrative and exploration. I play the protagonist Jonah, an isolationist of dubious sanity who roams the substructure of a decaying, war-ravaged city, while continuing his epic philosophical debate with the entity he calls "Leviathan".


Media Testimonials- "The lone voice actor does fine work, carrying the game emotionally and sounding convincingly detached from reality." -Adventure Gamers "Quality voice acting and a haunting soundtrack that matches the melancholic atmosphere of the game." -Game Ramble "The sound and voice acting are phenomenal." -Metal Arcade "Leviathan is another title in the growing walking simulator genre that combines beautiful graphics and great voice over work into a readily playable title." -The Refined Geek


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  • January 2017: SA Gamer Interview with Chris Bischoff -"He hit the nail on the head with the character [John Maracheck]. I wrote the lines, but he gave them heart and soul. Ryan is such an amazing artist to work with that I find it hard to imagine a project that he wouldn’t be involved with in some fashion."

  • November 2015: Interview with 1001up.com -"I wanted to impart a rawness, a genuineness to John and be satisfied I’d done all I could to make him sound like a real person in an unreal situation."

  • October 2015: Interview with Bitcultures.com -"I didn’t want John to come across as a lesser imitation of similar characters. The role was not overly stylised or managed, so I had the freedom to attack it from a unique perspective and put a lot of myself into the performance."

Client Testimonials

"It was an absolute pleasure to work with Ryan Cooper on Stasis. He took our protagonist from the page and gave him life and personality. Ryan delivered his lines on time, in budget and went above and beyond the amount of takes required, allowing us to pick and choose the best delivery. The audio quality was highly professional. We will not hesitate to engage with Mr. Cooper on our next project." -Christopher & Nicolas Bischoff, The Brotherhood

"Cooper has an incredible talent and is malleable to any need. His work on
The Old City: Leviathan surprised us with just how well he understands what is needed while also elevating the work with his own creative license. If we needed him to act with guidelines, he nailed it. If we needed him to act with little to no guidelines, he nailed it. He is also willing to redo his work to get the perfect take, though he rarely needed to. He is a fantastic actor and we look forward to working with him again in the future." -Blaine Bowen, Design Lead, Postmod Softworks

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